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Since getting married, Liane has had to get accustomed to her husband's busy work schedule.

I'm not really accustomed to getting up so early on the weekends. At home I could sleep in until noon.

The hardest thing for our students to get accustomed to with their host families is the food.

Many people think they can become accustomed to long periods of little sleep without any consequences, but it is not true.

Maybe I'm too accustomed.

Your previous "velocity" won't help you with estimating time for problems you aren't accustomed with.

It's an easier motion for most people who've become accustomed to shooting that way, though.

On the contrary, people accustomed to fine things often forget how "roughing it" works.

Erlang syntax takes about a day to get accustomed to.

I'm accustomed to seeing this kind of garbage on Drudge-linked articles, not on HN.

And, sometimes, less of a hassle even when you are accustomed to the lower levels.

The best thing about that part is that the labels should have been very accustomed to the divide between suppliers and distributors...

Between being posted here and on reddit, I'm sure he's getting much more traffic than his host is accustomed to.

My explanation is catered to people accustomed to the von Neumann architecture, however.

Amazon does so much A/B testing that I've grown accustomed to it never looking the same between visits.

Please, put yourself in the distance from the habits of espousing specific philosophies you're accustomed to; please think about it.

Keep in mind that many C# MVC devs are well accustomed to this.

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